Sunday, August 28, 2011



Alright, I'm having my period now. Internship period. I'm working as a Drive-Test Engineer. I bet not many of you know what position is that? Literally, Drive-Test Engineer is an engineer who drives and do tests. lame. Sounds easy right? You'll never know until you're sitting at the driver seat driving averagely 450km++/day.

I was sent to Pekan, Pahang on the second week of my intern and have been there for a week. We were doing Celcom 3G project there. Well, it's a place where majorities are Malay race. Seriously, I couldn't see any Chinese there except my colleagues and me. Not even Indians. ==" People were looking at me as if I was an alien and as if they have never seen a Chinese before! No Vege food there, and yea, Lei Hung and me suffered a lot as we two are herbivores. :) Not to mention that we worked 18hrs/day there! Shxt

At the time being, I'm doing Celcom 2G project at Perak. This project covers all the sites from Selama to Teluk Intan/Lumut. The things that we gonna do are Pre-DT, SSV, and Post-DT. Well, I'm not going to tell all the details here. It's a long grandmother story and I think I can't finish telling even half of it in 3 days and 3 nights time.

Most of the interns are having their rest on Sat and Sun. Guess what? I need to work 7 days a week most of the time. The longest record of me is working 27 days in a row without any break! Lol. It's a large-scaled project actually but unfortunately, UCE wants to cut cost and they hire all the interns to do all the dirty-works. Well, here is the equation for you to see things clearer. Wages of 1 DT Engineer = wages of 4 interns (~roughly RM1k each). FYI, we interns are the ones who teach fresh grad engineers how to do their work as they have ZERO knowledge on the software that we're using to do tests.

Optimistically, I've learned a lot of things by getting into this company. I've got very good experiences. Of course, this is to compare with interns that are just sitting in office doing nothing. Last but not least, I've made a lot of friends here. We work hard, we play hard too! Movie sessions, CS sessions, badminton sessions, and etc. :D

Enough of crapping. Till then~

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